Class Car Wash Services Abu Dhabi Premium and thorough cleaning for your vehicle, it looks spotless and shines like new

Class Multi Services provides our esteemed customers with a unique and convenient experience to maintain the cleanliness and shine of their cars. We understand the importance of caring for the car’s appearance and preserving its value. Here is an overview of our services:
Comprehensive Car Wash

Comprehensive Car Wash:

We offer a comprehensive car washing that includes washing the exterior body and chassis, cleaning windows and mirrors, carefully cleaning tires and rims, and removing dust and dirt from the car in general.

Interior Cleaning and Polishing:

We take great care in cleaning and polishing the interior, including cleaning the seats, floors, front and rear dashboards, and polishing the dashboard and interior plastic parts.

Interior Cleaning and Polishing
Paint Polishing and Protection

Paint Polishing and Protection:

We provide paint polishing services to remove surface scratches and minor imperfections, enhancing the car’s shine. We also offer paint protection services through ceramic coatings to maintain the beauty and protection of the paint for a longer period.

Engine Cleaning:

We offer a safe and professional engine cleaning service to remove dirt, grease, and excess oil. We guarantee the use of safe products and proper techniques to preserve the engine’s lifespan and performance.

Engine Cleaning
Pick-up and Delivery Service

Pick-up and Delivery Service:

We offer pick-up and delivery service for your car from and to your preferred location. Simply specify convenient time and place for you, and we will take care of collecting the car and delivering it after the wash process is completed.

Specialized and Professional Team:

Our team at Class Multi Services for car wash consists of skilled and highly trained technicians in the field of car washing. They ensure that the washing process is carried out with precision and professionalism to achieve the best results.

Professional Team
Flexible and Convenient Service

Flexible and Convenient Service:

We understand that you have a busy schedule, so we provide flexible options to meet your needs. You can schedule an appointment that suits you, and we will work to execute it exactly according to your requirements.

With our car cleaning service, you can enjoy a clean and shiny car at any time.

Car wash services

Abu Dhabi City Municipality

car washing
We rent parking spaces in commercial centers to make car wash stations
We do car wash stations in New residential cities projects
car stations
We rent car parks to set up washing stations in public and private car parks
wash real estate
We rent car wash sites from real estate companies in commercial residential towers
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