Class clean services Abu Dhabi We provide major &comprehensive services for homes, offices, Villa, Companies, Factories.

Class Multi Services provides cleaning services to our valued customers to create a clean and healthy environment in their homes or offices. We understand the importance of cleanliness in maintaining health, comfort, and enhancing the quality of life. Here is an overview of our services:
Comprehensive Cleaning:

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for all spaces and rooms. Whether it’s living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, hotels, or commercial spaces, we pay attention to cleaning every corner and detail to ensure optimal results.

Floor Cleaning

We clean and polish floors of all types, including tiles, marble, wood, and carpets. We use specialized techniques and cleaning products to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the floors without causing damage.

Window and Glass Cleaning:

We carefully clean windows and glass to remove dirt and stains and achieve a clear shine. We use special products to maintain the pure appearance and beautiful shine of the glass.

Furniture and Surface Cleaning:

We provide cleaning services for various furniture and surfaces, including seats, sofas, tables, and shelves. We use safe and appropriate cleaners for each type of furniture to remove stains and dirt, leaving them clean and refreshed.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning:

We pay special attention to cleaning and sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms. We clean toilets, sinks, showers, tiles, clean kitchen surfaces, polish countertops, and sanitize areas prone to contamination.

Flexible and Convenient Service:

We offer a flexible service that fits your schedule and specific needs. We can clean your home or office regularly or on demand according to your preferences.


We are committed to providing high-quality cleaning services to our customers. Rely on us to create a clean and healthy environment that ensures comfort and safety in your home or office.

We can clean all types of places and areas, including residential communities, villas, houses, establishments, companies, surfaces, and streets. We are present in all the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and we provide continuous technical support around the clock. We are the fastest and strongest cleaning company in the country.

Cleaning Services

We apply all Ministry of Health standards

We clean apartments

We clean apartments

We clean residential towers

We clean residential towers

We clean villas
We clean villas
We clean malls
We clean malls

Cleaning Services

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